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You can use my Guest Book to fill in your details and your comments, or just read those who have already signed it. From this gueastbook, I could have an excellent feedback of whom has visited my site and what you think about it. So please I encourage you to sign it by clicking the animated icon at the right.

Additionally, guests living abroad from Malta can also use the new and always popular [GUEST MAP] ! When you click the guestmap icon (on the right bottom icon) you will have a large map of the world, and you simply 'attach' a pin of your location on the map and include some short comment and your homesite address amogst other things. It is really fun and interesting to see your name in the map. Have a look !!!

(p.s: since Malta is very small, pins from Maltese guests are not accepted since there would be overcrowding of pins on a tiny dot of Malta)

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Click to view or sign the Guest-Map