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MarZ Kreations Photo Gallery (by Stephen Mifsud)

Bratislava, 1 day visit to the Capital City of Slovakia (June 2006)

This photogallery consists of many photos from a 1 day visit to the capital city of Slovakia, called Bratislava, during my and my wife holiday in Budapest together with my friend Etienne and his girlfriend Analise.

As many central and Eastern Europe cities, Bratislava consists of the central old town surrounded by more modern apartments, shops, street and flats. The old town of Bratislava is of course the most popular site with tourists. One of the good news was that no vehicles are allowed in old town, so it feels less chaotic than Budapest. Another good news for us was that the town is rather small and most of it can be seen (quickly!) during our 1 day stay. The bad news was that in the afternoon it started to rain, and not well prepared for that we had to leave back earlier than planned, and so did not made it to visit the castle. However, from the photos seen in this gallery, we had seen quite a lot.

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BratislavaPhoto_5042 * Terrace at the side of the town hall looking over Primacialne Square. * 599 x 784 * (150KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5050 * Side view of Bratislava Town Hall also lining hlavne square. The attic windows have their borders painted with Slovakia traditional colours. The residency of the free king?s town Pressburg self-administration used to be the Old Town Hall. The complex of buildings from various period-styles is called the core of the Old Town Hall today. Originally, it was formed from the gothic house with reeve Jacob?s tower. It was mentioned in 1370 in King?s Ludovit letter for the first time. It has preserved almost unchanged until today. The portal of the house is simple, late gothic and it has been renewed with the latticed oriel with stone statues. There is the statue of Virgin Mary from the year 1676 on the quoin of the rococo stylized tower. The town bought the neighbouring Unger?s house in 16th century. In 20th century, the eastern annex was completed in the neogothic style, whereby the Primacial palace was joined with the Old Town Hall. This historical building is the residence of the town?s museum, today. * 799 x 599 * (139KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5053 * The Old Town Hall (Stara Radnica) is a complex of three 14th-15th century buildings. One of them is the tower which does not only show the time, but also day and night by means of a ball. The tower goes back to the 14th century, but was rebuilt in the 18th century in the Baroque style. * 599 x 799 * (101KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5044 * The Japanese Embassy found in Hlavne Square (Main Square ) * 799 x 599 * (168KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5045 * More large and decorated buildings that  line Hlavne square. (The Main Square).  Former name of the square was The Market Square and it was renamed into The Main Square because not only markets took place here but also all social events such as celebrations and exucitions were done here. Later on it was called The Square of 4th April which should remind people of the day when the Soviet army freed Bratislava. Nowadays it's called The Main Square again... 
 * 799 x 599 * (168KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5046 * Facade of a highly decorated and well restored building at Hlavne Square. * 599 x 784 * (173KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5051 * Facade of another decorated grey building found at the Main Square. Neo-Baroque building which was built at the end of the 19th century for F. Palugyay. It was built on the site of an older building which was, according to tradition, the oldest house in Bratislava. The original house on this site was known as Burg and House of the Spectre and was connected to many myths and legends. 
 * 799 x 599 * (173KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5047 * Statue of Roland located in the fountain of Hlavne Square. Roland's Fountain is the most common meeting point among Bratislavians coming to the Old Town. This sandstone, renaisance fountain was designed by the Austrian-born stone mason O. Luttringer. According to tradition this fountain was named Roland's Fountain after the town law enforcer of the Middle Ages. In fact this title was given to the fountain by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Maximilian II, who was crowned in Bratislava in 1563. There is a nice legend which  says: Every year at midnight on the 1st of January, the top part of the fountain is said to rotate. However, according to tradition, this can only be seen by people born in Bratislava with the best human qualities. * 599 x 784 * (169KB)
BratislavaPhoto_5052 * Details of the facade and terrace of one building at the Old Town Main Square (Hlavne Square) * 599 x 784 * (162KB)

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