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Comment: Kelati Train Station in Budapest. This is the railway lane to Hamburg which passes through Bratislava Main Station. Here we stopped for a 1 day stayi in this capital city of Slovakia.
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BratislavaPhoto_5018.jpg - 599 x 784 - (163KB) - 6/2/06 6:09 AM
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BratislavaPhoto_5022 * Views from the train to Vratislava * 799 x 599 * (133KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5029 * Malin, Myself, Etienne and Analise in the train cabin during our two hours and a half trip from Budapest to Bratislava. * 752 x 565 * (141KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5030 * First photo of Bratislava from bus (no.13) that travels from the Main Station to and around Bratislave Old Town * 799 x 599 * (173KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5031 * A nice catholic church dedicated to Saint Ladislav in a busy street called Spitalska  passing nearby the centre of Bratislava. Opposite side of the church there is Tesco Shopping centre * 799 x 599 * (156KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5037 * Typical winding streets of Bratislava, lined by large decorative building side by side and rather narrow. In the central part the streets are only for pedestrians (no vehicles are allowed) * 599 x 784 * (203KB)

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