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Comment: Photo of Primacialne Square which hosts the Primate's palace and the town hall, with a church-like tower.
BratislavaPhoto_5030 * First photo of Bratislava from bus (no.13) that travels from the Main Station to and around Bratislave Old Town * 799 x 599 * (173KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5031 * A nice catholic church dedicated to Saint Ladislav in a busy street called Spitalska  passing nearby the centre of Bratislava. Opposite side of the church there is Tesco Shopping centre * 799 x 599 * (156KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5037 * Typical winding streets of Bratislava, lined by large decorative building side by side and rather narrow. In the central part the streets are only for pedestrians (no vehicles are allowed) * 599 x 784 * (203KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5038 * The Primate's Palace of Bratislava. A neoclassical architecture which was the original residence of the Archibishop of Esztergom -  Cardinal Joseph Bátthány and Primate of Hungary in 1781. This palace is one  of the architectural jewels of Slovakia. * 799 x 599 * (186KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5039 * Details of the facade (top part) of the Primate's palace. * 799 x 599 * (145KB)

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BratislavaPhoto_5042 * Terrace at the side of the town hall looking over Primacialne Square. * 599 x 784 * (150KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5050 * Side view of Bratislava Town Hall also lining hlavne square. The attic windows have their borders painted with Slovakia traditional colours. The residency of the free king?s town Pressburg self-administration used to be the Old Town Hall. The complex of buildings from various period-styles is called the core of the Old Town Hall today. Originally, it was formed from the gothic house with reeve Jacob?s tower. It was mentioned in 1370 in King?s Ludovit letter for the first time. It has preserved almost unchanged until today. The portal of the house is simple, late gothic and it has been renewed with the latticed oriel with stone statues. There is the statue of Virgin Mary from the year 1676 on the quoin of the rococo stylized tower. The town bought the neighbouring Unger?s house in 16th century. In 20th century, the eastern annex was completed in the neogothic style, whereby the Primacial palace was joined with the Old Town Hall. This historical building is the residence of the town?s museum, today. * 799 x 599 * (139KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5053 * The Old Town Hall (Stara Radnica) is a complex of three 14th-15th century buildings. One of them is the tower which does not only show the time, but also day and night by means of a ball. The tower goes back to the 14th century, but was rebuilt in the 18th century in the Baroque style. * 599 x 799 * (101KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5044 * The Japanese Embassy found in Hlavne Square (Main Square ) * 799 x 599 * (168KB)

BratislavaPhoto_5045 * More large and decorated buildings that  line Hlavne square. (The Main Square).  Former name of the square was The Market Square and it was renamed into The Main Square because not only markets took place here but also all social events such as celebrations and exucitions were done here. Later on it was called The Square of 4th April which should remind people of the day when the Soviet army freed Bratislava. Nowadays it's called The Main Square again... 
 * 799 x 599 * (168KB)

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