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MarZ Kreations Photo Gallery (by Stephen Mifsud)

The village feast of Qrendi (Santa Marija) - Aug 2006

This Photo-Gallery consists of photos taken from the traditiona local village feast of Qrendi. The feast is dedicated to Saint Mary (Santa Marija). Qrendi together with 6 other villages in Malta, (and another in Gozo) celebrate this feast on the 15th of August. Maltese local village feasts such as in Qrendi are typicaly characterised by several street decorations, band music, a highly decorated church, fireworks, and many local activities of which some can be seen in this photo gallery.

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- The village feast of Qrendi (Santa Marija) -
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8/19/06 8:24 AM, 329 KB
Photo of the altar and bac...

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8/19/06 8:24 AM, 274 KB
Apart the main altar, ther...

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8/19/06 8:24 AM, 297 KB
Another decorated small al...

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8/19/06 8:24 AM, 329 KB
Huge and well-kept chandel...

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8/19/06 8:24 AM, 216 KB
Phot of the chandelier wit...

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8/19/06 8:25 AM, 328 KB
This is the most adored st...

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8/19/06 8:25 AM, 224 KB
Outside the parish church ...

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8/19/06 8:25 AM, 172 KB
Close up of the statute ju...

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