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Comment: Airviews over Lithuania, looks great!
AirBaltic * Leaving Helsinki airport with AirBaltic to Vilnius in the early morning of 1st Aug 2008. We were very curious and looking forward to discover Vilnius after the good impression we had through websites and GoogleEarth
 * 2669 x 1779 * (844KB)

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AirviewVilnius1 - Canon PowerShot A650 IS - F4 - 1/317 sec
Download file (905KB)
AirviewVilnius2 * Airviews over Lithuania, showing large areas of forests, rivers and lakes. * 2838 x 1892 * (1.15MB)

AirviewVilnius3 * Airviews over Lithuania, probably at the outskirts of Vilnius. The place looks quite modern and well organised. * 2642 x 1761 * (921KB)

AirviewVilnius4 * Airviews over Lithuania, cosmopolitan area at Vilnius * 2854 x 1903 * (1.16MB)

AirviewVilnius5 * Airviews over Lithuania, very close to heart of Vilnius. Incidentally, one of those high building was our hotel (the one in white) * 2490 x 1660 * (836KB)

AirviewVilnius6 * Airviews of old town Vilnius - looks interesting more and more * 2775 x 1850 * (925KB)

AirviewVilnius7 * Airviews of old town Vilnius. * 3012 x 2008 * (1.31MB)

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