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Comment: Here are we on the bus from the airport to our hotel. We did not have any idea were our hotel is but thanks to some friendly people on the bus , we found it easily. The bus was literally crammed with people and we had 2 large luggages and Miranda to carry down! I still do not know how we made it down the bus!
AirviewVilnius2 * Airviews over Lithuania, showing large areas of forests, rivers and lakes. * 2838 x 1892 * (1.15MB)

AirviewVilnius3 * Airviews over Lithuania, probably at the outskirts of Vilnius. The place looks quite modern and well organised. * 2642 x 1761 * (921KB)

AirviewVilnius4 * Airviews over Lithuania, cosmopolitan area at Vilnius * 2854 x 1903 * (1.16MB)

AirviewVilnius5 * Airviews over Lithuania, very close to heart of Vilnius. Incidentally, one of those high building was our hotel (the one in white) * 2490 x 1660 * (836KB)

AirviewVilnius6 * Airviews of old town Vilnius - looks interesting more and more * 2775 x 1850 * (925KB)

AirviewVilnius7 * Airviews of old town Vilnius. * 3012 x 2008 * (1.31MB)

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BusMalinMiranda - Canon PowerShot A650 IS - F2.8 - 1/158 sec
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VilniusStone * Welcome to Vilnius, an old village by the river Vilnia founded back in 1323.
 * 2886 x 1924 * (1.48MB)

RevalHotelEntranceMiranda * The Reval Hotel of Lithuania (Lietuva in local language) and our sweet Miranda. * 2816 x 1877 * (763KB)

RevalHotelBridgeStephenMiranda * We were very happy to find out that our room was almost the top levl and consisted of 2 combined rooms. We felt like VIPs in this hotel. Miranda was also very happy here walking with her pram in wide clean(!) pavements. * 1568 x 2353 * (704KB)

StCatherineChurch1 * This was the first church we have encountered, and really a beautiful one. It's Saint Catherine's church (Santa Katarina) painted in white, pink and grey and in perfect conditions. * 3090 x 2060 * (804KB)

StCatherineChurch2 * Front view of Saint Catherine's church. * 1877 x 2816 * (821KB)

StCatherineChurch3 * Closeup of some decorations at the entrance of Saint Catherine's church. * 2422 x 1614 * (484KB)

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