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Comment: Details of the entrance of St Casimir church, simply marvelous
StCatherineChurch2 * Front view of Saint Catherine's church. * 1877 x 2816 * (821KB)

StCatherineChurch3 * Closeup of some decorations at the entrance of Saint Catherine's church. * 2422 x 1614 * (484KB)

MirandaFriend1 * Miranda is always fond of making new friends... * 2291 x 1527 * (542KB)

MirandaFriend2 * ... she has now a Lithuanian friend too! * 3264 x 2448 * (2.11MB)

FountainMiranda * Miranda observing Vilnius from her cute little eyes! * 3264 x 2448 * (2.28MB)

StCasimirChurch1 * Saint Casimir Church - named after the patron saint of Lithuania, Prince Casimir Jagiellon, and founded in 1604 by the Jesuits, St. Casimir’s is the oldest Baroque church in Vilnius. It’s long been a favourite subject of persecution and abuse, featuring among its many outrages Napoleon’s troops use of the building as a grain store in 1812, its conversion into the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas by the Russians some 20 years later (the Russians then turned it into a cathedral in 1864, the same year they banned the Lithuanian language in the Latin script) to its temporary use as a Protestant temple by the occupying German army (1915-1917). Perhaps most shocking was the Soviet’s innovative application of the building, turning it as they did into a museum of atheism. Fear not however, for it’s once again in the safe hands of its rightful owners, and exquisitely beautiful both inside and out. * 1971 x 2816 * (915KB)

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StCasimirChurch3 * Details of the entrance of St Casimir church. * 3264 x 2176 * (1.34MB)

StCasimirChurchInterior1 * Inside St. Casimir church...  the main altar and facade behind the altar showing the patron saint. * 2026 x 3040 * (984KB)

StCasimirChurchInterior2 * Painting of St. Casimir. Saint Casimir Jagiellon (October 3, 1458 - March 4, 1484), was Polish-Lithuanian prince from the Jagiellon dynasty who became a patron saint of Poland, Lithuania and youth. * 2158 x 3237 * (1.22MB)

StCasimirChurchInterior3 * More paintings from the church of St. Casimir, Vilnius. * 1784 x 2676 * (817KB)

StNicholasOrthodoxChurch1 * St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Vilnius, Lithuania * 2176 x 3264 * (1.22MB)

StNicholasOrthodoxChurch2 * Closeup of Saint Nicholas Orthodox church, which is built in the gothic-Byzantine style. * 3263 x 2175 * (1.22MB)

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