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TopTrumps Playing Cards

Instruction How to Play

Below is the original summarized instructions how to play the game.

How to ptay TOP TRUMPS Any number can play. Shuffle and deal equally. Each player holds his cards so that he can see only his top card. The player on the dealer's left reads out one piece of Information such as the length or speed from his top card. The other players read out the same Item. The one with the highest value wins and places all the top cards Including his own at the bottom of his hand. It Is then his turn to choose an Item from his new top card. If 2 or more cards share top value, all the top cards are placed In the middle and the same player chooses again from his next card. The winner of the trick takes the cards In the middle as well. Winner Is the player with all or most cards.

However there was an extra rule which is not mentioned in the instructions, and I sincerely do not know if it was a rule invented and custumized by ourselves ( Maltese guys ) or actually it was not included in the summary instructions on the card.

When a player has only 3 cards left, he shouts 'choice' and he can compare the corresponding information value read by the opponent from any of the 3 cards he has left. If one of these 3 cards has a larger (better) value he wins and place the opponent and winning card at the bottom and takes the turn using one of the other 2 cards. If he looses, hence the value read by the opponent is greater from any corresponding value of the three cards left, he chooses which card of the three he must hand to the opponent. This makes the game more interesting and difficult to losse immediately.

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