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In this section I placed many things which bring me memories from the past. Quite often, when I see these things and think, I would become sad and would like to return back in time to live those moments again.

These include either some of the very early hobbies I had, games and toys I used to play with, photos of my old friends very long time ago, my mother who rests in peace, and all things which have to do with the past. My childhood and early teenaging was perfect, filled with lots of creativity, friends, sports, laughter and many people who loved me.

In fact I am person which quite often get sad when I think of the beautiful memories of the past, memories that I can never live again. Perhaps I am not living a happy life as when I was younger and so I wish to turn back in time and so that's why I am affactionate to these things of the past, and thats why I created this page on my web site.

The Nostalgia page is divided in various sections as described below. Click on the title link (where applicable) to enter in the corresponding section. Some are not available yet, sorry!


Goto Nostalgia Section : My Mum My Mum

This section is dedicated to my mum - Maria Mifsud nee Camilleri, who died on 11th June 2001. It includes some photos, a poem written by Carmel Scicluna, prayers, some info, etc.

Goto Nostalgia Section : The Gobots The Gobots

These are my favourite toys that I an my best friend Brian used to play at the age of 12-15. These are robots which will transform to vehicles, aeroplanes, trains, etc. I kept some of these and here are some of their photos. I was also making a sort of book with a profile of each gobot, again at the age of 13 or so. Since I kept this book, I scanned some of it and included it in this section.

Goto Nostalgia Section : Top Trump Playing Cards TopTrumps Playing Cards

Here are some photos of the playing cards we used to play back in the late 80s. These were very famous by that time, and you could see anyone playing them at school, buses, breaks, outside, etc. Have a look perhaps even you may have played them long time ago

Goto Nostalgia Section : Old Friends of the Past Photos from the very PAST

Here are some photos of my firends and my life taken fron very long time ago. I really miss those days ! ! !

Goto Nostalgia Section : TV Cartoons Songs Italian TV cartoons Title Songs

This is another wonderful section full of Nostalgia for me. It is a collection of songs used in Italian Cartoons (cartoni animati) which where shown on Italian channels (received also in Maltese TV) mostly in the year period between 1980 - 1990. Eventually they are not shown anymore nowadays and hence makes this page more 'sentimental !!'. Actually these cartoon series were Japanese made, but speech-translated to Italian. Here you find a list of songs (MP3), pics, few video clips and lyrics of more than 40 cartoon series titles!!!

Xmas / Birthday Cards Birthday / Xmas Cards

Here are some of the Christmas & Birthday cards I recieved, and also few which I gave to my parents !   (not yet available)

Goto Nostalgia Section : My First Songs My very first Songs

In this part you find the very first songs I created back when I was 16 - 18 years old on the Amiga platform computer. All songs were created on that revolutionary music track program called NoiseTracker / ProTracker.

Aeroplane watching, my first hobby Aeroplane watching/spotting

One of my first hobbies (1986-1988) was that of watching aeroplanes (airliners). I was just 10 or 11 when I got very interested in aeroplanes, and my father bought me an air-band radio (philips?!) which I used to hear the conversations bertween the pilot and tower control. Here you would find some of my drawings and notes I used to do regards this matter.   (not yet available)

Games I created years ago My own created / invented games

This Nostalgia section includes some of the games that I (and my friends) have invented back when I was between 11 - 16 years old. In those years we had no computers, mobiles, internet, etc to play with else indoor / outdoor games. We always wanted to have new games, but without money you can't buy anything. So, being creative and had plenty of time, I used to invent and creat new games, mainly indoor board games, or outdoor fun-playing games. Here are some ganes which survived these years and can be shown on the internet.    (not yet available)


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