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Comment: Artistic photo of two dragonflies on the bank of Neris River.
VilniusCathedral * Facade of Vilnius Cathedral. Between 1786 and 1792 three sculptures by Kazimierz Jelski were placed on the roof of the Cathedral - Saint Casimir on the south side, Saint Stanislaus on the north and Saint Helena in the centre. Presumably the sculpture of St. Casimir originally symbolised Lithuania, that of St. Stanislaus symbolised Poland, and that of St. Helena symbolised Russia's dominance. These sculptures were removed in 1950 and restored in 1997. * 3264 x 2176 * (1.11MB)

BellTower * The Cathedral’s Bell Tower is 57 metres high and acquired its present appearance after the 1801 reconstruction. It is situated on Cathedral square. * 2176 x 3264 * (913KB)

VilniusCathedralCloseup1 * Sculpture on the facade of Vilnius Cathedral. * 2070 x 1380 * (456KB)

VilniusCathedralCloseup2 * Sculpture on the upper part of the facade of Vilnius Cathedral. * 2734 x 1822 * (783KB)

VilniusCathedral&BellTower * Photo showing both Vilnius Cathedral and its Bell Tower. The Cathedral and the belfry have been thoroughly renovated from 2006 until 2008. * 3264 x 2176 * (1.12MB)

NerisRiverStRaphaelChurch * Beautiful flower (Echium vulgare) near Neris River, with St. Raphael's church in the background. * 2738 x 1825 * (689KB)

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Dragonflies1 - Canon PowerShot A650 IS - F4.8 - 1/158 sec
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Dragonflies2 * Artistic photo of two dragonflies on the bank of Neris River. * 817 x 1225 * (197KB)

Insect * Closeup of an insect (a local species of Lacewing) * 2676 x 1784 * (741KB)

StRaphaelChurch * The white bridge near our hotel, with St. Raphael's church in the background. * 1945 x 1296 * (461KB)

RevalHotel * This was our Reval Hotel. How much we  wish that we have a room in a high floor. * 1764 x 2646 * (732KB)

VilniusCathedralStatueStHelena * Closeup of the statue of St. Helena on top of Vilnius Cathedral. * 1429 x 2144 * (428KB)

StJames&StPhilipChurchStephenMalinMiranda * Family photo, with the church of Saint James and Saint Philip in the background. * 3239 x 2158 * (1005KB)

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