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Comment: Closeup of an insect (a local species of Lacewing)
VilniusCathedralCloseup1 * Sculpture on the facade of Vilnius Cathedral. * 2070 x 1380 * (456KB)

VilniusCathedralCloseup2 * Sculpture on the upper part of the facade of Vilnius Cathedral. * 2734 x 1822 * (783KB)

VilniusCathedral&BellTower * Photo showing both Vilnius Cathedral and its Bell Tower. The Cathedral and the belfry have been thoroughly renovated from 2006 until 2008. * 3264 x 2176 * (1.12MB)

NerisRiverStRaphaelChurch * Beautiful flower (Echium vulgare) near Neris River, with St. Raphael's church in the background. * 2738 x 1825 * (689KB)

Dragonflies1 * Artistic photo of two dragonflies on the bank of Neris River. * 1074 x 1611 * (276KB)

Dragonflies2 * Artistic photo of two dragonflies on the bank of Neris River. * 817 x 1225 * (197KB)

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Insect - Canon PowerShot A650 IS - F4 - 1/59 sec
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StRaphaelChurch * The white bridge near our hotel, with St. Raphael's church in the background. * 1945 x 1296 * (461KB)

RevalHotel * This was our Reval Hotel. How much we  wish that we have a room in a high floor. * 1764 x 2646 * (732KB)

VilniusCathedralStatueStHelena * Closeup of the statue of St. Helena on top of Vilnius Cathedral. * 1429 x 2144 * (428KB)

StJames&StPhilipChurchStephenMalinMiranda * Family photo, with the church of Saint James and Saint Philip in the background. * 3239 x 2158 * (1005KB)

GreenBridgeStatues * After Lithuanian independence, most statues from the communist era were taken down and moved to a park eighty miles southwest of Vilnius. But on the Green Bridge there are four statues remaining from the Soviet era. They depict the following poses: agriculture, industry, peace and youth. * 2983 x 1989 * (984KB)

BuildingAtNerisRiver * Impressive building alongside Neris River. * 3234 x 2156 * (1.76MB)

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