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TopTrumps Playing Cards


This is the range of the Top Trump card sets that were available by the year 1984 or so. There were the common ones created by Waddington, but there were other companies who made these cards, such as those of the Super heroes. Also I believe that Waddington produced dozens of other sets later on. I had about 8 different sets, and I liked most the aeroplane type of cards.

The list below was obtained from a checklist card inluded with every set of cards.

 Series V 				Series VI

 Hot Rods 				Formula Cars
 Stock Cars 			Sports Cars
 Dragster Bikes 			Cars
 Military Vehicles 		Fighters
 Super Dragsters 			Grand Pnx
 Racing Motor Cycles 		Bombers
 Vintage Racers 			Helicopters
 Racing Cars 			Light Aircraft

Series Vll				Series VIII

Military Choppers			Safari Specials
Fire Engines			Sports Planes
H P Giants				World Airlines
Warships				Super Cars
Dragsters				Motor Cycles
Racing Motor Cycles 		Jumbos & Jets
Rally Cars	    			Military Aircraft
Locomotives	    			Tanks

Space					Horror

Rockets				Dracula
Spacecraft 				Devil Priest

Soccer 81				Cricket 80
Soccers Stars set 1 		World Cricketers 
Soccers Stars set 1    		County Cricketers

Prehistoric Monsters		
Western Gunfighters
					Olympics 80
Soccer Teams			All Time Greats
With Badges 			

Liverpool 				Redemption Packs Not
Manchester United   		Available In Shops
Nottingham Forest 		World Record Holders
Leeds					Fabulous Buggies
Arsenal				Scramblers
Aston Villa				Power Boats

If you have any of the top trumps set cards and want to share them with me so that I will scan them and place them on this Website, I would be very very grateful. I will either buy them or if yodo not want to sell them, I will burrow them for a week to scan them, and give them back to you. Please contact me - I will reply you soon.
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