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This is a short page where you colud find all the ways how to contact me. I am giving only electronic method of contatc me, and for the time being I am not giving my home address or phone number. You can contact me by emails, chat services, and mobile number as indicated below:

Email (click on any email to contact me)

      (Main MarZ Kreations email)

      (Sales email regards my services section)

      (Emails regards my other pro website:

      Issues regarding copyright, especially for my photos on my websites

     (Alternative email at hotmail - not much read)

Online Chat

MarZ home page / Contact / bullet  ICQ    :   Contact Number: 2693 6091
MarZ home page / Contact / bullet  MSN  :   Contact email:
MarZ home page / Contact / bullet  MIRC :   Undernet  >>  #Malta  >>  nick:   FantaZY or Steve-X

I am using mostly MSN Messenger, and rarely ICQ or MIRC.

If you would like to contact me regards the contents of my web page, please use the supplied forms in the corresonding pages of the website where applicable, instead of sending a generic email. It would be more organised for me and you will have a faster reply. Dont send large attachments in your email before asking permission from me. All emails will be replied. Thanks ! [MarZ].

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Main Sections

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