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CHEMISTRY : Chromatography


PROJECT TITLE: Solvents Characteristics : TETRACHLOROMETHANE (C.Cl4)
LAST UPDATE: 2 Sep 2009
VERSION HISTORY: 1.0 - First release
1.1 - Revision of text and formatting. (2-Sep-2009)


Here are the chromatography characteristics of ChloroForm as a solvent on the standard refernce ink under test. Since this chemical is not miscible with water (see table in the page: solvents ), no variable concentration could be used else in its absolute (100% c.) form. Chromatography characteristics that are tested include the speed , solubility and separation of the two dyes from the refernce ink.

  1. Solubility and Separation score is out of 10 were 0 is the worst and 10 is excellent
  2. Flow Rate is the portion (expressed as percent) of solvent that had moved along the 12cm strip of chromatography paper. For example if the solvent moved 6cm from the origin, the flow rate is given as 50%

This solvent dissolves plastics, so test must be performed only in glass containers.


Table of Results using the solvent TETRACHLOROMETHANE in Paper Chromatography
Concentration Absolute (100% c.)
Flow Rate: 20% in 3mins
50% in 16mins
80% in 60mins
Solubility: 7/10
Very soluble, but remains ink zone does not rise with the level of solvent on the strip and remains near the point of application. The tip of the zone is about 30% of the length when the solvent level have reached near 90% of the strip length.
Separation of dyes: 3/10
No separation actually, but there is a inner and lower violet core, and an upper and outer blue border.
Allocated Time: 90 mins
Score: 40%
Comments: This forms an enlongated zone from the point of aplication up to 30% of the strip length, with the violet dye residing at the lower and core part, while the blue-cyan dye settles at the upper and outer part forming like a flame shaped zone (see CCl4Result.pic). There is no true separation, but one can easily detect that the ink consists of two colours.


BEST Separation: Absolute TetraChloroMethane for 90 - 100 mins
Note 1: After 45minutes, the result does not change a lot, else that the zone gets slightly more enlongated.

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