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CHEMISTRY : Chromatography

Menu of Dyes Isolated by Chromatography

Chromatography experiments have been carried out on samples of ink from pens, markers, ballpoints and similar sources to find out what specific dyes or mixture of dyes these inks are made of. Below is a menu of dyes isolated from tested samples with their properties and their reactions to certain chemicals for tentative identification.

Click on the name links in the table for analysis report about the isolated dye and on the scientific name (if available) for more info about the dye from the internet.

Samples of Ink Analysed by Paper Chromatography. (Click links in Table)
Dye No. Dye Nick Name Identification Scientific Name Date of Analysis
01 Fast Violet 01 Fair-Good (60% correct) Methyl violet (2B?)
Gentian Violet
Feb 1999
02 Sky Blue 01 No Unidentified Feb 1999

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