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In this section you will find many chemistry projects I carried out when I used to make tests and experiments in my small home Lab between when I was 13 to 24yrs old. Several other projects were unfortunately not documented! Initially, it was just a simple hobby and I owned a small chemistry set. Then I began to expand my knowledge, interest and slowly my apparatus/chemicals. I really loved this subject and soon began to make some interesting projects and Analysis. I used to spen hours and night in our garage and was definitely my main hobby especially between 16 and 20. Actually I studied Medical Lab Science, which I graduated in 1999 and later started to work as a microbiologist and then as chemist at the public health laboratory. The experimentation at my own garage stopped there and I carried all my chemistry things to a storage room and seldom used.

In 2009, the storage room was going to be sold andI had to clear everything inside. I decided not to throw away my Chemostry stuff and managed to bring everything to my house garage. In Autumn I started to have nostalgia on this beloved hobby and decided to update this pages and did some reactions too.

I admit that these pages are not professionally presented, and everything is written in my own words as I used to write them long time ago in simple text format on my Amiga home computer. Some of the experiments and analysis are very unique (such as analysis on fireworks material!) and interesting. For instance there are corss reactions between more than 20 different metal cations with 32 different anions to see what precipitates and colour changes were formed and hence useful for the identification of the metal cation in solution.

If you would like to ask questions or contact me for corrections about the content given below feel free to do so. Email me (Stephen Mifsud) this EMAIL LINK. Below you find a table menu of category you would like to read:

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