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My Dear Mum

Photos of mum in her late 50s - early 60s

P13-PlayPiano.jpg - 77332 Bytes

January 1993 (56 years) - Mum playing my synthesizer in my mini studio

P11-Terraceold.jpg - 55381 Bytes

April 1993 (56 years) - On the terrace looking at flowers (which she always liked a lot)

P14-Door.jpg - 74412 Bytes

December 1995 (58 years) - Front of our home door on terrace

P12-SantAnton.jpg - 92538 Bytes

December (61 years) - At Sant Anton Gardens

P18-Graduation.jpg - 49754 Bytes

November 1999 (62 years) - Holding my Diploma on my Graduation day

P17-Car.jpg - 50662 Bytes

May 2000 (63 years) - Near my brand new car

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Click here to download an archived file of all Mum's photos found here in better quality and larger size (5Mb zip file)

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