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My Dear Mum

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5th March 1965 (27 years)

This page is dedicated to my mother, Maria Mifsud, who rested in peace on the 11th June 2001 at the age of 64. She was a perfect mother, a dedicated house wife, and a lovable person. She had an unlimited number of virtues, the most withstanding being her kindness, simplicity, love towards others, and always ready to help.

She was born on the 27th March 1937, and so in her early ages, she experience the World War II(also in Malta) during 1939-1944. She worked as a chief chambermaid (Phoenicia) and nurse in Malta and then abroad (UK). She returned back in Malta in her middle thirties, were she married my father on the 27th March 1973 (hence on her 36th birthday). One year later (exactly on the 5th April) she gave birth to me, her only child, a child which she loved so much, even more then herself I believe. She used to prepare me breakfast and launch every day from when I used to go to school till I began to work, when I was a child, she used to caress me after my father will give me a punishment for being naughty and oftenly she did not tell my father about something naughty I did while he would be at work. She used to bring me tee, coffee, lemonade and food in my study room, and cooked delicios meals during some bad days I will have. She never missed a birthday present or card for me, or missed a night to come and check me up while I am sleeping, if would be in bed before her.

She did everything to give me the best and her dreams were to see me finished from university, and settle and get married. She had time only to see her first dream to realize, but not the second one. All of a sudden, perhaps in point in life were she was again very happy, a deadly disease came on her without reason. On November 2000 she was being diagnosed for tumour in the lung, which was confirmed to be cancer on December. 7 months later she died, despite the early therapy. I said without reason, becasue she did not smoked or worked in cancer-risk environment such as asbestos. Anyway, her destiny was written like that.

She had many friends, and everyone who knows her loved her very much. She spent her life taking care of the house and family, her hobbies were reading, knitting, and home decoration. She used not to buy expensive items for her such as fine dresses or jeweleery to save them fro the home and family. It also involved lots of encouragment from us so that she would go for a holiday with her relatives, and she started to travel abroad with her sister Margaret just in her last 3 years, hence 1998 (Amsterdam and France) 1999 (Switzerland) and in Prague (2000). Life is so strange sometimes, she dedciated all her life to the family, and when the time that she could relax and enjoy herself arrived, she had to leave the world.

I think that the most happiest moments of my mother (in the last 20 years or so) were when we finished and began to live in our new house in Santa Venera, during the my graduation day when i passed with distinction my Medical Lab Science Course, and when I brought for the first time at home my girlfriend. Of course she had many other happy moments, such as her wedding, my birth, etc but I was not there yet.

When she knew she had the disease she did not made a tragedy out of it or showed us that she is suffering a lot. But as every human being I know that she suffered and cried in herself silently, unless the pain was very bad sometimes. I believe that five out of the six months she lived with her cancer she believed that she can be cured or that she has about 2-3 years of life, even when in April they told her that her cancer moved to her brain. Sometimes 'no knowledge' is blessed. If it was me, that I studied on these things, I would be sad from day to night, while she was quite ok and calm most of the time. Her last few days were terrible though, and she died as if was getting strungled little by little for approx 72 hours. .

I miss my mother very much, even now, that 6 months has passed. Without her, the house is sort of silent and empty, even if I live with my father. Thanks mother for your love, and I hope you pray for me from heaven, the place you deserve to be.

So this section is dedicated to my mother, so that anyone who knows here can see her photos during her life, and perhaps say a prayer for her soul. Click the appropriate link to view set of photos, or click on the zip file link to download all these photos in better quality and larger size (5Mb file)

My mother when was young
My mother in Romance
My mother and dad / family
My mother and me
My mother at holiday
My mother in her late 50's / early 60's
My mother during her last months of life
Rest in Peace (including a lovely poem by Carmel Scicluna)

Click here to download an archived file of all Mum's photos found here in better quality and larger size (5Mb zip file)

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