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Page Description:
Here is little page were you find nicely listed all utilities and tools required to view all my home site contents. Many of these utilities are Picture viewers, Document viewers, Sound players, etc. Other utils includes archivers, emulators and general tools. They are all gathered in this single page - so that it is much easier to find what you require.

Click on the Program name from the leftmost column of the table below to download the required tool. Save the installation file on your hard disk. After that, you have to install the tool to your hard-disk by double clicking the downloaded file. Follow the installation instructions given.
You can go to the relevant utility website to get the latest version by clicking on "Goto Website" in the rightmost column

 All downloads below are tested on Windows 98 SE 

Utility Download Table:

WinZip 8.0 File Archiver / Packer 1.23 MByte Go to WebSite
WinAmp Basic 2.80 Multi-Format Music Player (incl. MP3) 1.70 MByte Go to WebSite
WinAmp Advanced 5.03 Multi-Format Music and Media Player (incl. .mp3, and .mpg) 5.4 MByte Go to WebSite
DeliPlayer PC 2.00 Amiga Multi-Format Music Module Player 3.89 MByte Go to WebSite
Acrobat Reader 5 (Full package) 5.1 .PDF file Viewer 13.61 Mbyte Go to WebSite
XnView Basic 1.74 MultiFormat Picture Viewer 1.53 Mbyte Go to WebSite
XnView Advanced 2.15 MultiFormat Picture Viewer /font> 15.32 Mbyte Go to WebSite
WinAPE 2.0 A6 Amstrad CPC Emulator (load Amstrad CPC software on PC) 1.02 Mbyte Go to WebSite
Caprice32 V3 3.01a Amstrad CPC Emulator (load Amstrad CPC software on PC) 0.20 Mbyte Go to WebSite
Caprice32 V2 2.00 beta Amstrad CPC Emulator (loads Amstrad CPC software on PC) 0.39 Mbyte Go to WebSite
WIN UAE 0.9.9 Amiga Emulator (loads Amiga software on PC) 1.76 Mbyte Go to WebSite
ZX Spectrum Emulator beta ZX Spectrum Emulator (loads spectrum software on PC) 0.26 Mbyte Go to WebSite
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