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Page Description:

Here is little page were you find a nice long list of my favourite web sites on the net. They are nicely sorted out by category and you can click on any link you find interesting. Please note that I cannot check all these links frequentely, so if you notice that there is a link which does not work or changed address please I will be very grateful if you inform me in the simple form below: Thanks

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Making a link page is very very boring. For the time being this link page is quite primitive, but I will update it gradually with time. Sorry folks time is my enemy, but I promise that it will be done in quite soon.


SYNTH ZONE - Midi & Synthesizer Sites, Sounds & Resources Guide
Arcade games Midi Music Sites (Web Ring)
Collection of Amiga Games Sound Modules
NETMUSIC Title page
MTV Online: Main Page
The Dance Music Resource Pages
R&S Records Ltd.
My CD on
All Music Guide
DJ J-Joy WebSite
Rave & Techno Music (more links)
Turnkey Music equipment Store (UK)
Thomann Music Equipment Store (Germany)
Eye and I Music Synthesizer, Sampler, Midi & Multimedia Products

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