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MarZ (Stephen Mifsud) Photo - June 2002 [Click to read detailed info about me)

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  [Maria Mifsud ]

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from 30/Aug/02

Click here to Listen the Maltese national anthem (midi format)
Hi, my name is Stephen Mifsud, 33 years old last April 2007 and I live in the beautiful island of Malta. I welcome you to my Web Site in which I am sure you will find lots of interesting things. I am/was known as 'Dr.Who '(Amiga scene), 'Tekno Logik (Music artist name) 'FantaZY ' (IRC/ICQ/Radio DJ) and now 'MarZ ' is my recent nickname.

In my home page you find various interesting information about me, my country, my friends, my hobbies, and my "kreations" I made in these past 15yrs or more. Now I decided to place everything on the internet to be shared with everyone who have similar interests. Photos, Music, Chemistry, Electronics, Nature (Wild Plants) and Computer Games are few examples to name of what you expect to find in my 1250++MB Web Site.

My last project is a very interesting one. I am building a database of wild plants in Malta and Gozo. The database consists of profiles of wild plants with the following data: Nomenclature, Botanical information, Plant description, Edible, Medicinal and General uses, Curiosities and observations about the plant, pH indicator properties of the petals, and dozens of high quality photos and macro close-ups. Almost all info is referenced and the jargon is explained in a glossary page. All this can be seen in a dedicated domain: . This site is free of charge of course but a donation or sponsorship is much appreciated for the tough work and running expenses involved.

If you like my site, I kindly ask you to sign my GuestBook and also write your comments suggestion in a special form found in the Site Updates Page Thank you very much and N-Joy my Website ....       [ MarZ]

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23rd June 2007 :
We proudly present - another advanced website dedicated to our daughter Miranda, currentely 9 months old.

21st June 2007 :
We proudly present - a website describing in text and photos almost all the churcher and almost all the chapels of the island of Gozo.

21st March 2007 :   A second sponsor for
Today came the second sponsor for, this time from the generous Strickland Foundation. A big thanks goes to the secretary of the foundation (Mr. Frank Bonello) and also a special thanks to Dr. Harry Vassallo for his intermediate action. Thanks to these sponsors, 'delicious things' are being cooked at!

19th Feb 2007 :   A sponsor for
Today, Director General of MiddleSea Insurance p.l.c. (Mr. Rizzo) officialy presented me a sponsorchip cheque for the I spent the last 3 months writing documents, emails, letters, etc and attending numerous meetings and presentations to find sponsors for my project. Maybe I have found some 2 other sponsors still in the pipeline. Exactly one year ago (19Feb), I had an opposite experience wregards a work transfer initially meant to be dealing with the development of the website, and after it turned out that it was a lie !!

1st Oct 2006 :   Parental Leave
Since my and Malin's mothers have passed away, someone of us had to take care of Miranda. It was decided that I would take parental leave for 1 year, since this was no option for Malin's work. I admit that I also took this move to have much more time on my project, but eventually it did not result that much free time.

14 Sep 2006 :   Our first child is born
After several months of waiting, today 14th Sep 2006, my wife Malin brought to life, fruit of our love, a sweet baby girl that we named Miranda. It is a very beautiful experience to see, and hold your little defenceless offspring. She is going to be a brave girl, and she already made a favour to her dad, because I did not liked the idea that our child will be born on the 11th or 13th of September. So she just waited midnight to pass, as she was born just at 00:10am. Well, from today our life is in threes! We have set up a diary for Miranda which can be [seen here]

23 Jul 2006 :   Again a new work place - The plant Health Departement
Today was the victorous day after a long and tough battle to get transfered from the depressing environment of slaughter house to the new job at the Plant Health Departement. I was really relieved because here I worked with people that I like, a job that I liked, and no more screaming of animals, and animal carcasses. However still nothing about The wild plants project and I learnt that I have to give up.

30 May, 2006 :   Holiday in Budapest and vacation in Finland (Bennas)
After my toughest 2 or 3 months of my life, I had 5 weeks of escape from real life, as I and my wife went for a long vacation, also on receomendation of my psychiatrist. The first 5 days, we spent them at Budapest with my best neighbour friend Etienne and his gf Analise. After that, we flew to Finland and spent another 4 weeks near Malin's father and relatives. We also had time for a 4-5 day holiday at Eastern Finland. It was really a deserved break. See the respective photogalleries on the website [Click here]

19 Feb, 2006 :   Transferred to a new working place
I asked for a transfer from mt beloved Evans Public Health Laboratory (Civil Health Departement) to the Agricultural Departement, so as I will work on a much more beloved project related to I have written that I want this transfer for this reason. The transfer was accepted and so I was initially happy that I would work something that I liked. Today I started to work at the slaughter house, but soon after I realised that my work has nothing to do with the Maltese flora. Eventually, I turned very depressed, and my life had a considerable step down to my general morale.

23 Jan, 2006 :   I and Malin are expecting our first child
Malin surprised me with the news that she is pregnant. I was very happy about it and was quite excited and wondering about it. Later on we decided not to know the sex of the child, and leave it as a surprise at birth.

1st Dec, 2005 :   My Website won an International award
In late September, I was informed by a written and signed letter from the president of a prestigious award giving company called Actualidad, that for the year 2005, my website and company MarZ Kreations have won their "Actualidad 21st Century International Award" in Leader in Prestige and Quality. I could not attend to the trophy and award giving ceremony in mid October due my Wedding in Malta, but at least they sent me the certificate by post. [Click here to to view the certificate]

Wed, 23rd Nov, 2005 :   Graduation day at the University of Malta
Today was my second experience in a Graduation ceremony held at the University of Malta. I have been graduated with Distinction in the course for Diploma in Agriculture. After the Ceremony I, my wife and some friends went to eat a poshy buffet meal at the Hilton Restaurant, Paceville. Really a wonderful evening.

Sun. 10th Oct, 2005 :   My wedding ceremony in Malta
Another memorable date for me and my wife since we have celebrated our wedding ceremony (ala Maltija) at the Villa Oriana (Dingli), following our true marriage in Finland, on the 25th of June. After several rainy days, it came out a nice sunny Sunday and everyone enjoyed him/her-self at the Villa facing the nice countryside of Buskett Woods and Girgneti valley. Special thanks to my bestman (Ray Grech Marguerat) who did an excellent job. [ [ Click here ] to enter my wedding page

Mon, 5th Sep, 2005 :   First Environment Online Forum in Malta
After some hard work, finally I can announce that the website has launched the first interactive forum regarding the Maltese environment with special regards to its diverse flora. The forum is aimed to increase the interess, awaerness, and education about the Maltese flora and fauna. Already 40 members in 3 months ranging from pro botanists to students to greenfingered amateurs from all over the world.

14-16th Aug, 2005 :   Malin's Birthday in Sicily
Knowing how my wife likes travelling, I gave her one of her biggest surprises for her birthday (16th Aug) when I showed her 2 tickets for Catania/Taormina. The weekend-holiday went smooth, and we really enjoyed ourselves especially at Taormina and Gardini Naxos. [Click here to see the photogallery about this event...]

Wed, 28th Jul, 2005 :   Diploma in Agriculture results are out
Today I went to check the results of the exams of the Diploma course I did this year and I was very pleased to say the less about the results. Briefly I was the only one in the class who have got a distinction. This would surely put me a step ahead in getting the full time job in the website educational project about the flora of Malta. Click here to have a detailed look of the results !

Mon, 5th Jul, 2005 :   Our Honeymoon in the Baltics
Today we started our honey moon in various cities of Estonia and Latvia especially Tallinn and Riga respectively. We decided to travel with the car all way from Pedersore (Finland) to Estonia and gradually continue our way further down to Riga. There are 4 photo galleries dedicated to our honeymoon comprising about 360 photos. Click the following links: [ Finland ]    [ Tallin ]    [ Saaremaa and other Estonian cities ]    [ Riga ]

Sat, 25th Jun, 2005 :   OUR WEDDING DAY
Today, Saturday 25th June 2005, at 4pm I, Stephen Mifsud married my spouse Malin Hagglund in the church of Pedersore, in Jakobstad, Finland. Read more details about our wedding and watch the photogallery of this event in a dedicated web page. [ Click here ]

Fri, 17th Jun, 2005 :   Long trip to Finland
Today starts, what probably will be, the best vacation trip of my life. A 5 week vacation which includes my wedding in Finland and my honeymoon trip. Very glad and perfect timing after the hard time during the passed 2 months with my hard studies.

Sat, 11th Jun, 2005 :   End of Exams Big Celebrations!
Today was one day after the last exam and I and my best friends of the course decided to make a BBQ at Ghadira to celebrate the end of the exams and the whole course. No more studies at last. I have worked hard the last month. The BBQ was a huge success, we had so much fun and most of us ended drunk. Some of us tossed their studying notes (a 30 cm heap of notes!) to keep the fire burning. We also went to swim and played football on the sand. We laughed a lot and the alcohol did its job well, perhaps too much well on some of us! Greetings to my friends (the AgriBulls) who are I (the King) and Malin, Keith and Marianne (his girlfriend), Darren and Amanda (his gf), Jonathan, Alexia and her boyfriend, Andrew and last but not least Duncan and his new girlfriend Taiko. Click on the following links for some photos: [ photo 1 ]    [ photo 2 ]    [ photo 3 ]    [ photo 4 ]

Mon, 31st May, 2005 :   Examination period
My worst weeks of this year were these 2 weeks studying hard for the final exams of the Diploma in Agriculture exams. I had to study a lot tio get high marks and have a better chance that I will be granted to work on my website as a full time work with paid salary. With this in mind, i kept the studying going and exam after exam they all passed, the last one being on Fri 10th June. I think I did very well. No need to say, but at 11am of 10th Friday (end o last exam) was the most euphoric hour of the year. I was so happy that everything is finished and looking forward to enjoy Summer.. I an my best friends in teh course went celebrating the end of exams by a refreshing swim at Lapsi, Siggiewi.

Mon, 21st Mar, 2005 :   Malin's friends for vacation in Malta
Malin's best friends - Pamela and Katarina came all way from Finland to spend 1 week and 2 weeks respectively in Malta. We have went to several places in Malta and Pamela also dared to swim in the what we call 'freezing' sea water. Despite being Finnish, she admitted that it was actually very cold. Click here for a photo of Malin and her friends together with one on my favourite lecturers and friend Dr. Charles F. Grech while giving us interesting lectures about Mdina and Catholic churches.

Mon, 17th Mar, 2005 :   Malin says goodbye to her 20+ year old glasses
Today Malin made one of her important steps in her life as she did a laser surgery to her eyes to remove the glasses. The first 3 days after the surgery were very hard but slowly she improved day by day and finally she is enjoying perfect vision without any glasses that she had for more than 20yrs. The miracle of Science.

Fri, 5th Mar, 2005 :   6 months vacation from work
This was one of my wishful dreams, to have a break from work for a period of time. Now it was the ideal time to take 6 months leave from work (unpaid) so as to manage many forthcoming activities such as my wedding preparation in Finland and the consequent honeymoon trip, Malin's eye surgery, Malin's friends coming to Malta, and other pending activities that I never had time to finish. I also utilized this opportunity to dedicate more time on my studies in the Diploma in Agriculture University course. I would later like to take this opportunity to spend some months in Finland and try to work and settle there and see how it work out.

Fri, 24th Dec, 2004 :   We got officially engaged
By surprise, on Xmas eve I asked Malin to marry me and delightfully she replied yes. The message was written on the Xmas card and the engagement rind was hidden on the Xmas tree and she had to find out the gift. Was quite a romantic moment and Malin was shivering with excitement. Here is a photo of our engagement

Fri, 17th Dec, 2005 :   Xmas holidays in Bennas, Finland
As in the previous years, this Xmas I am going to visit my girlfriend relatives in Bennas, Finland. We are going to spend 2 weeks, but this time it is not going to be very relaxing because I have taken with me some study notes and so I will spend lots of time studying, sadly enough :-(

Sat, 28th Nov, 2004 :   Private party at Ulysses Lodge, Gozo
I and Malin were invited by our friends Simone and Piotr for a party meant as a Architecture graduation celebration (ref. to Piotr) at Ulysses Lodge, Ramla. We arrived Gozo in the afternoon and had a wonderful moment at Giordan Lighthouse hill in our car watching most of Gozo during an hour or so of rainfall. The party started around 9pm it we had great fun (and alcohol!) At around 2:30 I and Malin were still Ok while many others have dropped down! We planned to sleep ain the car but it happened that the car had a flat battery. With lots of effort (and slipping in the mud) we managed to start it again (on the 2nd Gear). We had a very peaceful night in the car (equipped with pillows and quilt from home) and had a wonderful morning in the middle of the countryside. More details in the diary section.

Sun, 31st Oct, 2004 :   2nd anniversary of
My other sister site - have its second birthday. Many improvements and updates have been made to it from the last update about 6 weeks ago. The site also received a birthday card !! Read the news section for more details.

Mon, 11th Oct, 2004 :   Malin back to Malta just after her mum's funeral
Gungerd's funeral took place on Sunday 10th October and the day after (Monday) Malin returned back to Malta in the evening. On seeing the photos, the funeral was crowded with mourning people and plenty of flowers. Gungerd was really a beloved person and her soul is surely better place from here

Mon, 4th Oct, 2004 :   Back to the school benches
For the benefit of my website about the wild plants of Malta, I have decided to undertake the course of Diploma in Agriculture at the University of Malta. The course duration is 1 year (actually 9 months) and it is going to be quite hard since of the lack of free time because I have to keep working at the Evans Lab, take care of my old dad, and maintain the site updated. However there is nothing to loose and so we see how it goes.

Wed, 29th Sep, 2004 :   Malin's mother dies at the age of 57
After fighting against a deadly and cruel disease, Malin's mother - Gungerd - have passed away this afternoon, around 2pm. Today was my last day of my visit with Malin to her family. I managed to see Gungerd alive today for the last time. During my 10 day stay, the weather was cloudy all days except this day that Gungerd passed away - the skies opened up and it was clear for several hours.

Mon, 20th Sep, 2004 :   Urgent flight to Bennas, Finland
I and Malin received bad news from her family in Finland that her mother was in a very critical condition. So within few days we arranged for a trip to Bennas (Finland) via Heathrow. After about 15 hours travelling we went straight to the hospital where we saw Gungerd lying hopelessly in the bed fighting for her life. It was a very bad moment for me and especially Malin. At least we made it in time to reach Gungerd alive. To some element of surprise Gungerd recovered to a slightly better condition the following days, but this was only for a short period of time.

Mon, 30 Aug, 2004 : 2 years today !
My site was launched on the 30th August of 2002 and so this means that today my site is exactly 2 years old. There has been lots of updates and new sections during this year such as several large photogalleries, new diary section, and large efforts and work in the Malta Wild Plants section, apart from many bug fixing, restoring of broken links and graphic improvements. See the update page for more details. Well, happy birthday to - 2 years old!

Thu, 19 Aug, 2004 :   Back to sauna-like Malta from cool Finland
After a very long and tiresome flight from Finland, nearly 12 hours, we have landed back to Malta at late afternoon. On exiting the plant the humid and hot wheather felt like a sauma for me after these 18 days in Finland. The vacation went quite well and I and Malin enjoyed it very well - an excellent break from noisy, populated, hot, dirty Malta. You can read more details about this trip in the diary section (click here) and see plenty of photos in the photogallery section (click here)

News during year 2003
Thu 18 Dec Going to spend Xmas in Bennas
Sun 15 Dec Sadam Hussein Captured
Mon 10 Nov A famous Maltese Ghana singer has left
Mon 3 Nov Started to work 20hrs / week
Thu 23 Oct My website changed its webhost company again
Thu 09 Oct Reducing my work load by 50%
Sun 07 Sep Short but lovely holiday at Gozo
Tue 15 July New NAD Amplifier at home
Mon 7 July New part-time work with Code-M
Wed 9 July My site changes web hosting company
Tue 24 June I and Malin together in Malta from Bennas
Mon 09 June 3 week Holiday to Bennas in Finland
Tue 03 June Dad of my work-collegue dies
Sat 24 May Malin moves from her residence in Sweden
Tue 20 May My Website Hosting company is closing down!
Sat 17 May Barbecue at Gnejna Bay with ex-Univ friends
Sat 10 May Summer appetizer - Wonderful swim at Golden Bay
Wed 30 Apr Getting Busy as a bee
Sun 27 Apr Ex-Univ friends get together.
Wed 17 Apr I had a little accident
News during year 2004
Mon 2 Aug Long vacation in Bennas / Finland
Fri 30 Jul Meal at Picolo Padre with my old University friends
Fri 23 Jul Got paid for one of my flowers photos
Sun 4 Jul Greece are the champions of the Football Euro Cup
Mon 28 Jun Short Holiday to Finland
Sun 27 Jun Feast of Saint George at Qormi
Sat 15 May Euro Song Festival goes to Ukraine
Fri 14 May Malin take me out to eat at Hilton
Thu 29 Apr Malin returns back to Malta
Mon 05 Apr My 30th Birthday
Mon 29 Mar Malin leaves to Bennas to visit her parents
Sat 20 Mar Wonderful walk along the Eastern Coast of Gozo
Thu 18 Mar Changed again my hosting company
Tue 16 Mar
Sun 29 Feb Spring is at the Corner
Sat 14 Feb Our Valentine's Day
Sun 8 Feb PicuMarZ Diary - My Online Diary officially launched today !!!
Sun 18 Jan Perfect sunny day in Gozo
Mon 12 Jan Luck avoided the worst tragedy in Malta
Tue 6 Jan Back to Malta from Finland

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My Diary: How I spent life between 1990 to 2000. For some years I did not write anything while for others there is a detailed writing per every day! Writings include adventures, trips, outings, love, laughs, wierd experiences, etc. Almost all text is in Maltese - sorry dear foreigners...
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My Songs: Songs by TeknoLogikListen to most of the songs I composed between the age of 16 - 26 when composing electronic music was one of my main hobbies. Some of the early songs were done on the Amiga, while the recent ones are made in my home music studio which I assembled between 1994-2000 . Song format is .MOD (for Amiga songs) and .MP3 (for studio songs), which both are played by WinaMap. Various music styles but mostly Trance and Techno, and some instrumental ones too.
Electronics: Electronics stuff!!Section dedicated to one of my recent hobbies/part time work - Electronics repair. Megabytes of datasheets of electronical ICs, Transistors, service manuals, circuit schematic diagrams, notes of my course and my repair jobs.
Chemistry: Chemistry Many chemical experiments I used to do in my garage during my late school/college years This was my main hobby in that time and used to spend hours devising experiments and learn. Very interesting, fun and dangerous too! (eg what fireworks are made of?) !
Wild Flowers of Malta WildPlants2.gif - 8356 Bytes A comprehensive database of the various wild flowers found on the Maltese islands. Such a database contain various pictures of the many plants, botanical information, medicinal uses, and lots of other interesting information about each plant. Needs sponsors and financial support to be completed in a shorter time. 26,000 unique visitors per month last May 07! It has an own domain -
Churches and chapels of Gozo WildPlants2.gif - 8356 Bytes A website dedicated to the churches and chapels of Gozo. Several pictures and a loads of info. Mostly created by my wife Malin Mifsud.
Miranda Mifsud Miranda Mifsud A website dedicated to our cute daughter Miranda. Have a look to see several photos of her, and also read her online Diary. Other info include a family tree (with photos) and her development train.
Nostalgia: Lots of different photos, games, items, letters, hobbies, friends / girlfriends etc, that reminds me of the beautiful moments of my childhood / teen-aging and of the past in general - moments which will never come in one's life but we can re-live them only in our memories...
My Services: ForSale.gif - 20752 Bytes Check this page out for the various services I offer, and products I have for sale or import. These include CD duplication from various sources such as LongPlay->CD or cassette->CD, Electronic Semiconductors, Camcorder batteries, Electronic service manuals and schematic diagrams, and other things. Check it out now!!!
Amstrad CPC Games: Fire!! Fire!! - - - Game Over - - -Hundreds of Amstrad CPC disk images to load in your CPC emulator and play on PC. My favourite emulator (-WinaApe-) is also included. Also there is a request from for games not in the list and which you wish to have. More disc images will be included gradually with time

Amiga Games: Thousands of Amiga disk images to load in your Amiga emulator and play on PC. My favourite emulator is also included (still under construction)
Amiga Projects: Here are hundreds of documents / files / pics / sounds I created on the Amiga between 1989- 2000. Everything can be seen on your PC including all necessary software online. So it is not amiga-only stuff. Have a look! (still under construction)
ZX Spectrum Games: Hundreds of Spectrum Games to download and play on a Spectrum Emulator on your PC. (still under construction)
Humour Page Ha Ha Haaa!!!! This is a web page containing some interesting files to watch. These include mostly funny and humoristic files, but also weird, amazing, real and scary stuff. Check it out - really kewl !!)

Click banner to visit the adv and website The Phone Spot
Click banner to visit the adv and website Malta Nature Tours specializes in organising touristic excursions in Malta related to countryside and nature. The selected tour leaders are graduated in environmental science or agriculture and apart their fluent English, they are selected for their charm and communication skills
Click banner to visit the adv and website is a small part of an extensive online project which gives information and several photographs of the churhces and chapels of the mediterranean island of Malta. If funds are found, the project will be extended to cover the 400-450 or so churches and chapels in Malta. Please, kindly support the website by giving a small donation!

Detailed Information about Myself See Intro again Spectrum New Generation Site Humour and Cartoons

Read almost everything you should know about myself, including my education, hobbies, work, etc.
Stephen Mifsud - 'MarZ'

Watch again the introduction anim+music that appears in the opening of the website

MarZ Kreations Intro Demo

Enter our website which involves of a team of programmers (including myself as the music composer) who import (convert) Spectrum games to PC with colourful graphics, sounds, music etc.


Download Game

Collection of funny, humoristic weird, amazing, reality and scary stuff. Check it out - really kewl !! Since of popularity this section is now moved as a MAIN SECTION.

Maltese Literature Wedding of my friend Ramon  B.Sc. MLS Graduation Meal (Hilton)

In this new section, one can read Maltese poems from young and new local talent. New authors are welcomed to submit their own work here. Currently there is some poems by Carmel Scicluna, but even I am writing poems now. Have a look!

Read me

Here is a little search engine provided from

Here is a small photo gallery during the wedding of my neighbour friend Ramon (10.Nov.2002). It was fun to meet my old neighbour friends again. Ramon & Clair Wedding (Nov 2002)

Here is another small photo gallery from a celebrity meal held by my ex-college university friends for celebrating their graduation in Bachelor in Science - Medical Laboratory Science. I did not graduate but I was invited to join in! Really a superb meal!!!

My idol - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf Miranda's Diary Jeepers FUTSAL Team The Green's Party

Read almost every quote that the Minister of info- rmation of Iraq - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf - said to the Media during the War on Iraq 2003. Cries of laughter are guaranteed from this professional comedian. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

Our child Miranda, born on the 14th of September 2006 has an own online diary where one can follow here developping steps, and other funny moments and important days. The diary can be reached by clicking [ here ]

This is great site from a big-football-fan friend of mine - Christopher 'Cenculin' Borg. The site is dedicated to our team (Jeepers FC) of which I recently formed part in Last January. The site is updated regularly and you can even read about results and comments about the games the team plays weekly (click here). Last match I was voted best player !Wow!.

AD Gozo

I have discovered how hard working are the members of the green party (Alternattiva Demokratika) towards environment and the nation. Additionaly, they are very helpful and have time to listen to your querries. A meeting with one of the ministers took several months, and my emails were never answered. In contrast, I have spoken with the leader and other high ranked persons of AD within few days and they really cared to help.

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