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    Mon, 18th November 2002, Hilton, Port Tomaso

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In Nov 1999, I graduated in Medical Lab Science (diploma) together with my wonderful friends in the course. Then there was a choice whether to continue studying the course further 3 years to Bacheleor of Science level. i decided to stop studying but many of my friends in the group continued further. Now the 3 years has passed and almost all of them have passed the B.Sc course and graduated in nov 2002.

Since I remained in good friendship, they were very kind to invite me to join them in their graduation celebration meal which they organised few days after their graduation. The meal was not a cheap take away burger, but in one of the most luxurious and celebrity hotel restaurants - Hilton / Port Tomaso, St. Julian. The buffet meal was superb, and I think I never ate as much as in this meal in my whole life. Being a buffet you easily go and bring some more food. The was also a vast shoice of odd, about 40 differnt dishes/bowls.

Unfortunately I dont have pictures of all the people at the meal, but there is a video clip which shows all of us (except me!) Since of the poor light condition the video clip is a bit obscure. I will try to enhance the light quality with some movie utility later on. The persons who graduated were: Jeffrey Muscat, karen Muscat, Rosan Zammit, Roderick Busutill, Robert Camillerir, Julie Hayman, Sonia Gatt, Joseph Costa (not present at the meal), Ellison Mifsud, Nadine Borg, Donald Parsons, Stephen (forgot surname!)

Well enough talking, here are some of the photos during the meal. If you have some photos from this meal, please scan them and send them by email.

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## Description Photo
01 All group around table before meal (Monochrome pic 1) Click to enlarge Picture
02 All group around table before meal (Monochrome pic 2) Click to enlarge Picture
03 All group around table before meal (True Colour) Click to Enlarge Picture
04 Some food which I took (plate 3/4) - jum jum jummy!!! Click to enlarge Picture
05 My friend / work mate Donald Click to enlarge Picture
06 Roderick and his girlfriend Caroline Click to enlarge Picture
07 Rosann and her boyfriend Robert Click to enlarge Picture
08 Karen and her boyfriend Jeffrey Click to enlarge Picture
09 Girls wanna have fun ! ! ! Click to enlarge Picture
10 Video Clip before meal ( mpg format / 11.2 Mb long) Left click to view, or save on HD (view with Windows Media Player) Click to download / view video clip