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  Our Wedding

Photos from Ramon and Claire Wedding

10th Nov 2002

One of my great friends, Ramon Muscat, married his lovely girlfriend Claire on Sunday morning, 10th November 2002. I know Ramon for a very long time, when I was about 10yrs old (1984) and we have been good neighbour friends for all this time. I Ramon and many neighbour friends met as a group and used to spend our time together playing football, or other outdoor games, or go for walks in the fields, or go with a ride with the bike.

I remember that I and Ramon used to go to his basement play area and we used to play all sorts of games there. We had so much fun, especially playin 1-aside football (tennis ball) in the basement. He was also very active in those magical stone-brick 'camps' that we used to build in the wasteland near our houses.

Ramon always had a joyful, merry character, and he made us laugh very often. He was also very good in football, and he normally played as an attacker! I and him together were really pain in the ass for the opponent team defence! He was part in our neighbourhood football team - "Mariners" and played in quite some matches

Well time passed, and now he has married and went to live elsewhere. At his marriage he invited his best friends neighbour friends, amongst others, being myself, Christopher, Noel and Stefan.

Thanks Ramon for your friendship - I am very glad to have a friend like you.

You can see photos during the wedding from the photo index below. Click on the small picture to enlarge it. After viewing it then click the back button of the browser to return to the photo index.

## Description Photo   ## Description Photo
01 Ramon and Claire Ramon_Claire2.jpg - 4196 Bytes   02 Ramon and Claire beside the Wedding Cake table Ramon_Claire3.jpg - 3856 Bytes
03 Celebrating with champaigne DrinkChampaigne.jpg - 5260 Bytes   04 Just Married Kiss Kiss.jpg - 4491 Bytes
05 I and my neighbour friends (Left to right: myself, Stefan, Ramon, Noel, Christopher) FriendsGroup1.jpg - 4153 Bytes   06 I and my neighbour friends (Photo 2) FriendsGroup2.jpg - 4117 Bytes
07 Noel and his wife Janice JanniceNoel.jpg - 3724 Bytes   08 Stefan and his girlfriend Lisa Lisa_Stefan.jpg - 4243 Bytes
09 Noel and Chris - two inseparable friends! Noel_Chris.jpg - 3565 Bytes   10 Janice and Christopher Janice_Chris.jpg - 3819 Bytes
11 I and the two girls Lisa and Janice Myself_Girls.jpg - 4235 Bytes   12 Noel's sister Joanie and her husband Mario Joanie.jpg - 3822 Bytes
13 Ramon's Mum and Dad (Rose and Richie) MumandDad.jpg - 4471 Bytes   14 Fruit decoration Fruit.jpg - 5858 Bytes
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