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TopTrumps Playing Cards

TopTrumps Title

Top Trumps Playing Cards

This Nostalgia section is dedicated to the playing cards called Top Trumps which I used to play ages ago. These were sets of 32 cards each being about a special category, such as aircraft, tanks, locomotives, soccer players, etc. Each card of the set will have a picture followed by 4 or 5 numeric data, such as speed, length, weight, so on. The instruction of the game is played can be viewed below. I had the first set of cards at the age of 7 and was a common game played at school, bus, or indoors between my friends.

With time I started to increase my collection of these card sets, and I think I had about 10 different sets, of which I still posses 4 now. The others are lost, stolen or given away.The ones I have are: Airliners, Private jets, Space Craft and English Soccer 1. I really miss the set of Super Heroes (examples: Silver Surfer,Green Latern, Superman, SpiderMan, Batman) and the Country and Western heroes (examples: Geronimo, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, etc.) Anybody do still posses these card sets - I am very interested to add more galeries in my site !!)

In this page, I scanned all the cards of 3 sets I have, and are aranged in a cool galleries which can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below. When I began to grow older and was more creative I decided to make MY OWN card sets which I named Gobots II. since I liked to play with Gobots toys very much. I also dedicated a Nostalgia page to the Gobots !

Instruction of How To Play the Game

Collection Check List of Waddington Top Trumps - (Eta 1984/1985)

No. of CARDS
Top Trumps - SpaceCraft Title Card
29 of 32
Top Trumps - Jumbos & Jets Title Card
32 of 32
No Title Picture Available
29 of 32
Top Trumps - NASA Super Jets Title Card
32 of 32
Roderick Busuttil
My Gobots Title Pic
Myself! (1987)
24 of 24

Click on title name or picture to enter the Gallery

Do you have playing cards to share ?

I would like to add more galleries of these card sets, especially those by Waddington's (eg: Top Trumps series). If you have any of these card sets I would really be grateful if you could lend them to me for 2 or 3 days to scan them and include them in my site. If you would like to help me just contact me or fill the form below: I am even interested to buy them if they are in good state

Name of the Card Set  (eg: F1 Racing Cars):    

General Quality of Cards

   Excellent - As New ! ! !
   Very Good - Just few little scratches
   Moderate - Quite some scratches, but ocerall pic good
   Bad - Many scratches, bent, colour faded
   Very Bad - torn, many deep scratches, stained, etc
Any Lost Cards from the Set?

   None - all cards present
   Just about 1 - 3 cards
   About 4 - 6 cards
   About 10 cards
   More than half the card set

Do you consider to sell them ?       NO          YES !  

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