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My visit in Sweden and Finland (2002)

This was an unexpected visit to Sweden and Finland in June 2002 (during the FIFA World cup !) I was sent there from work for a study course. At first I was going to refuse it, but then I decided to go because apart the course I also had the opportunity to meet my apart - Malin, after about 10yrs writing to each other. She lived in a city called Marsta, near StockHolm.

Here are some photos from the capital city of Sweden (Stockholm) in the perfect weather of June

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STOCKHOLM (Sweden) 01-Stockholm_Harbour
Here is a typical view of Stockholm, characterized by the harbour, blue see, boats, colourful buildings, crying of seagulls and plenty of fresh air.

STOCKHOLM (Sweden) 02-Stockholm_Statue
In Stockholm one could find many large buildings, statues, churches and museums and there is also the large ancient castle. The streets are clean, no cars in the heart of the ancient town, plenty of shops and restaurants, and the people are really kind and nice (and mostly blonde too!) .

STOCKHOLM (Sweden) 03-Stockholm_CelebrityPub
This is a well known Pub where only Celebrities can enter and drink. I did not have time to have a drink here, perhaps another time!

STOCKHOLM (Sweden) 04-StockHolm_CityHall
This is the huge CITY HALL and also one of the Main churches found in Stockholm. Inside there was some museums, including tapestries and treasury.

STOCKHOLM (Sweden) 05-Stockholm_Harbour(Malin+Stephen)
This is me together with my seagulls - Malin, along the large harbour. She is a wonderful, lovely person. She is very kind, handsome and has a quite and shy character. She is however good fun, have good sense of humour and adorable once you get to know her better.

Pictures index:    1 - 5    6 - 10    11 - 15    16 - 20    21 - 25    26 - 30    31 - 35    36 - 40

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