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My visit in Sweden and Finland (2002)

Another town we visited was Nykarleby (in Swedish) and strange pronounced UUsikaarlepyy in Finnish. It is a small village we km away from Bennas. Katarina was with us as well today. We went to a museum (were a certain famous writer Topelius lived) and we had a good explanation of the museum by a nice and well brave person in charge of the museum. Then we went to the center and we spend some hours roaming around the city. We had a wonderful ice cream here at the centre. Mine was made of liquorice!. Then we went to a tower which was quite high. Once up, there was a very beautiful scene of the town under you.

Finally, there are some random photos of Malin's relatives at their home or summer cottage in Nabba. When the trip was over I was very very sad and during these 11 days, I was not even once home sick. I could stay here for ever without missing anything, thanks to the wonderful natural peaceful place, and thanks to my wonderful Malin. It is so nice that two long time pen friends meet and live together for few days. What a wonderful trip it was - thanks Malin!!!

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NYKARLEBY (Finland) 36-Nykarleby_Tower2
This is a view of most of the central part of the village Nykarleby (Uusikaarelepyy in Finn). The photo was taken from a tall tower. Once up, there is a cafeteria and all the walls are made of large windows where you can see most of the town beneath you. It was a very beautiful scene

NYKARLEBY (Finland) 37-Nykarleby_Tower3(Stephen)
Another photo from the tower. I was wearing the Brazilian gear because it was the time of the world Cup, and today Brazil (the team I support from the age of 8) had to play their semifinal against Turkey. Well, with my brown skin, I look quite Brazilian!

BENNAS (Finland) 38-Bennas_JonatanPlay
This was the last few hours of my visit. I an Malin had hours of fun playing with little Jonatan (5yrs). He is so playful and cute that you never get tired with him. He immediately liked me and used to play together quite often. Jonatan is the child of Malin's brother (Nicklas)

NABBA (Finland) 39-Nabba_PhotAlbumView
Here is another great photo taken by Malin's father during his birthday at the Summer cottage in Nabba. In the afternoon, we began to see the photo albums of Nicklas, his wife nikki, and their son Jonatan. we are laughing something about Malin here. The persons here are: (Left to Right) Nikki, Malin, myself, Malin's Mother (Gungerd) Malin's brother (Nicklas).

BENNAS (Finland) 40-Bennas_HomeSofa
And finally here is this lovely photo of Malin and me at her parents house in Bennas. Aah! its incredible how much happy I was and new experiences I passed thanks to this visit to my penfriend Malin. I cannot thank you enough for it Malin!

Pictures index:    1 - 5    6 - 10    11 - 15    16 - 20    21 - 25    26 - 30    31 - 35    36 - 40

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