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My visit in Sweden and Finland (2002)

I and Malin made a very short stop at the capital city of Finland - Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish). we could not stay for a long time because the parking is time-based and quite expensive, and the wether was not very good. So here is some photos around Helsinki center.

Then, we had to go by Malin's car from Helsinki to Bennas, a small village at the west coast of Finland between the cities of Vaasa and Jakobstad. We arrived at Malin's parents' house at late afternoon (19:00) and most of the voyage was in terrible rain. However in Bennas, the wether was just fine.

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HELSINKI (Finland) 16-Helsinki_Church+Square
Here we are now in Helsinki. This is the most famous cathedral of Finland. It is very large, and beautiful. To reach the cathedral you need to climb a quite large number of steps, and each step was quite high. The weather was not very good today.

HELSINKI (Finland) 17-Helsinki_ChurchOrgan
This is the organ inside the cathedral. I was quite surprized that the inside of the church was very simple and plain, with no fine paintings or architecture or luxury. This was a common characteristic of Lutheran churches, not like the Christian ones.

HELSINKI (Finland) 18-Helsinki_Old Cathedral
This is the old cathedral of Helsinki. It was not as large as today's cathedral, but I must say it architecturally more beautiful, elaborate and colourful. Unfortunately it was closed at that time (it should have been open though!)

BENNAS (Finland) 19-Bennas_ParentsHouse
From Helsinki, Malin drove for more than 6 hours to arrive to a small town called Bennas (few tens of km south of Jakobstad). This is the house where her parents live, and of course where she used to live when Malin was young. Like most houses, it has one floor (plus basement) and possess a large garden all around the house, hence it is isolated from other houses.

BENNAS (Finland) 20-Bennas_MalinBedroom(Malin+Sissi)
And here are two cuddle-ful creatures, Malin and her cat Sissi, in Malin's bedroom.

Pictures index:    1 - 5    6 - 10    11 - 15    16 - 20    21 - 25    26 - 30    31 - 35    36 - 40

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