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from 31/Aug/2002

This sections contains all my songs I created on the Amiga during 1990-1994 (I was 16-20yrs),and those which are much professional and created with MIDI in my little home studio equipment(1995-2001). The songs as so, divided into 2 sections:

(i) The Amiga modules section
all music which I made on Amiga module trackers

(ii) The professional songs section
those songs created in my home Studio.

The songs are mostly in the Techno / Trance genre, but there are also some few instrumental songs. The songs in the Amiga section are in .MOD format (Amiga Tracker Module format), and can be played easily from winamp (click here for download info). Since there are many, it is not convenient to convert them into mp3s, due to limits of size. But they play exactly as the original sound on the Amiga.

However the songs in the professional section are all in MP3 format. The presentation of the professional songs is more interesting. There is some info and also a story, legend or thought behind each song! for purpose of Multimedia and Fantazy!!!

I am yet an unsigned artist and any record company which would like to offer a record deal is welcomed to contact me. > Click here to read my contact information. For this reason all the songs here are for listening and personal use, but not for commercial use.All rights are reserved to the author - Stephen Mifsud aka Tekno Logik. Feel free to contact me for your comments either bad or good :-)

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