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This section concerns one of my recent hobbies - Electronics. I never had the chance to study and learn about the marvellous world of electronics because at school, college and university, I dedicated my time to Chemistry, Biology and Medical Lab Science. However in late 1996, I had the oppurtunity to take a course in electronics as a part time (during the evenings) and hence learn about electronics. The course was aimed for repair and servicing of electronic devices. namely Radio and TVs.

I showed a lot of interess in this new hobby and eventually, after finishing the 4-year course, I began to service and repair electronic items. I only have about 3 years experience (1999 - 2002) but I am very proud of this work so far, as I almost fixed every item that I accepted to repair. I take every repair job as a chellenge, rather than a source of money income. Most of my hobbies had the element of 'challenge' in them, but I never found satisfaction as of repairing items. Also every repaired job is important, as the more you repair the more you gain experience and the better you achieve.

I plan to make many categories in this Electronics section, but for the time being I have time to put the following 3 sections shown below. (click on the title link or button)


Electronics Sections

MarZ service manuals Circuit Diagrams

Page containing several electronic circuit diagrams and full service manuals of electronic equipment namely TVs, Video recorders and audio equipment. More to add in the future.

MarZ service manuals My Repair Jobs

Page dedicated to electronic items I repaired. Contains full report of the faults and the way they were repaired of over 50 different electronic items, mostly radios, Audio equipment, TVs and VCRs.

MarZ service manuals Electronics Notes

Here are all the notes I wrote in my first year of the elecrtonics servicing course. Unfortunately I wrote these on my previous computer, which was an Amiga and the format of the files is Final Writer 5, which is a format not reckognized on PC. If you still run an Amiga you can laod and view them. If anyone knows of a program that converts Final Writer 5 file format to any PC format (eg: Words) please send me an email at once - I will convert them immediately and put them online



More related stuff will be added shortly in this page, including:
  1. Some datasheets of the most common ICs and Transistors

  2. Ordering details of a CD-ROM (double CD) containing thousands of datasheets that I created

  3. More Electronic notes from my course (2nd - 4th year)

  4. Hopefully a Repair forum where people can send in their fault / problem and other people reply their hints interactively. (I need to learn how forums are created first, so expect this after August 2002)

  5. Favourite links about of Electronics and repair