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Repair Jobs Main Index

In October 1996, I took a course in Electronics servicing - Radio and TV. The course was 4 years long and candidates who pass would get a city & Guilds certificate and should be able to work as an electronic repair technician especially in the TV and Radio department. I made the course without the problems passing with Distinction every exam at the end of the scholastic year (June). The exeption was in Digital Electronics last year were I got a Merit instead of Distinction. Anyway, I had really fun and the course was very interesting.

I cannot forget to say a big thank you to my friends who helped me a lot during this course. I am refering to one of my best friends I ever had - Marco Abela who helped each other out in many circumstances. I used to go with him with his car everywhere, especially to lecture places and exams. He was also very helpful in lending me his notes of practical work at the end of the last year when some nice guy stolen my brief-case with my notes from the car. Marco too passed the course brilliantly (distinction in all exams) and he is serving and repairing electronic items as a hobby/part time. Thanks alot Marc, and keep it up.

Then I have to say also a big thanks to my neighbour friend Raymond Micallef - who is a very professional and excellent electronic technician. He encouraged me to take the course, and let me to stay beside him to learn what he is doing. It was not the first time that I would get stuck during fixing an item and I would seek help from him. Well I helped him too in obtaining IC datasheets from the Internet or solve him computer realted problems. Well thanks very much Ray!!!

After the course I started to fix items for my friends, and members of the family, and after about 1 year experience I started to fix for foreign people, and now also for an electronics shop (Schneider agent, Mosta). From the very start, I began to make a document for every item I had to repair. The document is referred to as job repair document and it consistsof:

  1. Repair Job Doc Contents
  2. Basic info of the item,
  3. Fault symptoms it had,
  4. All actions I did to repair it
  5. Repair fouls I did, advices and precautions
  6. Parts replaced and prices
  7. Client info
  8. Other technical comments and measurments.

I believe that such information would be useful to some people out there especially beginners and students who want to be / studying for an electronic technician. So I am palcing the documents here for everyone interested to read. The documents were originally Word Document and now they are converted to html for the internet, thus you may expect some losses in formatting and display. Some info like Client details, prices and shops are removed for ethical obvious reasons.

If you find such documents useful, and want to send me an email to rebate, ask questions or discuss such matter, please go ahead. I will be happy to hear from you, perhaps you have a similar fault and want a little advice (if I can help!)

The innovation that has redefined the entertainment is the home theater systems that deploy the latest high resolution technology and combine the flat panel tv and one of its kind sound system. Samsung is already close to launching a system that will eliminate any need to have dvd players at all around the premises.

Click on the blue Job Number link to open the document from the table below:

JOB 001
3 in 1 HiFi Stereo SILVER - Model System 70
JOB 002
Electric Piano Yamaha PSR ?400?
JOB 003
TV ORION - Color 517
JOB 004
Car Audio MATSUI 3110Xqi
JOB 005
JOB 006
Radio Cassette SANYO MW-806L(k)
JOB 007
Walkman SONY TCM-359V
JOB 008
Audio Amplifier YAMAHA R-300
JOB 009
Cassette Deck MARANTZ - SD451
JOB 010
TV Grundig CUC-2410 (T66)
JOB 011
Radio Cassette TEC SD-623?
JOB 012
Portable Radio Omega (unknown model)
JOB 013
Portable Radio TEC (unknown Model)
JOB 014
Electronic HotAir Oven Easycook custom 737
JOB 015
Portable Radio Sanyo RP 7161
JOB 016
Video Recorder Fergusson HDR-110EK
JOB 017
Telephone Omega
JOB 018
TV Monitor Hantarex MTC 90028SR
JOB 019
Stereo Mini System Pioneer
JOB 020
Cassette Deck Yamaha K-90
JOB 021
Video Casette Recorder Matsui VP-9605
JOB 022
TV Seleco ?
JOB 023
CD Player Pioneer PD-T307
JOB 024
TV Daewoo Model DMQ-14A2
JOB 025
TV Seleco 19SM??
JOB 026
VCR Fischer ???
JOB 027
TV Seleco 19SM422
JOB 028
TV Seleco 16SB312
JOB 029
TV Grundig CUC 2410
JOB 030
Audio Amplifier Receiver Technics Model No. Sa 106
JOB 031
Stereo Midi System (3in1) Aiwa NSX-S111
JOB 032
Monitor Hantarex MTC 9000SR
JOB 033
TV Seleco 25SM361
JOB 034
Cd Player Pioneer PD-5700
JOB 035 (lost)
removed n/A
JOB 036
VCR Sanyo VHR 5200 G
JOB 037
TV Monitor Hantarex CT 28 EQ
JOB 038
Car Audio Denver Sparkomatic
JOB 039
Portable Radio Cassette Sanyo M4500k
JOB 040
Portable Radio Cassette Roadstar RCR 302
JOB 041
Portable Radio Cassette Roadstar ?
JOB 042
Portable Radio Cassette Aiwa ??
JOB 043
TV Grundig CUC-720
JOB 044
TV Grundig CUC-720
JOB 045
Video Cassette Recorder Funai VIP 3000
JOB 046
Video Cassette Recorder Elekta VC-R9EMK
JOB 047
Video Cassette Recorder Akai VS-465EM
JOB 048
TurnTable National Panasonic SG-1070L
JOB 049
TV Grundig CUC-5360 (ST-65)
JOB 050
Stereo Midi System (3in1) Aiwa NSX-S111
JOB 051
Portable Radio CD Cassette Schneider SP120
JOB 052
Video Cassette Recorder Panasonic (old model of the J30)
JOB 053
Midi System (3in1) Schneider MP250
JOB 054
TV Grundig CUC 220
JOB 055
TV 14" Seleco BS 700
JOB 056
Home Computer (8-bit) Amstrad CPC 6128
JOB 057
TV Telefunken Chassis 417
JOB 058
TV Grundig CUC 720
JOB 059
Car Stereo Pioneer KEH 5300
JOB 060
1TV 14" Seleco 14SM112
JOB 061
VCR Sontec SVR402
JOB 062
3 in 1 Home HiFi Setreo ESC MCD-350
JOB 063
VCR Panasonic L15
JOB 064
VCR Grundig VS 400 VPS
JOB 065
VCR Roadstar VCR750
JOB 066
TV Grundig CUC-2410
JOB 067
TV Grundig CUC-6300
JOB 068
HiFi Cassette Deck Aiwa AD F-500
JOB 069
Car Stereo Kenwood KDC-6090
JOB 070
3 in 1 HiFi Stereo ESC MD750
JOB 071
VCR Panasonic NV-777
JOB 072
VCR Roadstar VCR-750-
JOB 073
TV Seleco 24SM822
JOB 074
VCR MultiTech VP1700
JOB 075
VCR Panasonic NV-J20 AM
JOB 076
Power Amplifier Ecler PAM-960
JOB 077
TV PHILIPS 42KT3150 (KT3 Chassis)
JOB 078
TV 14" Seleco 14SE112 (BS700.4 Chassis)
JOB 079
VCR Akai VS965 EO
JOB 080
Portable Radio Cassette Grundig RR440
JOB 081
VCR Panasonic NV-370 EN
JOB 082
VCR Panasonic NV 777 EG
JOB 083
VCR RoadStar 750
JOB 084
VCR Samsung SVX303
JOB 085
VCR Philips VR 6542 / 05
JOB 086
VCR Panasonic NV-370 EG
JOB 087
- =
JOB 088
- =
JOB 089
- =
JOB 090
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